Spring Cleaning

To say that my house could use a good spring cleaning is an understatement. With three kids, a husband, a dog, and a cat, I’ve always said instead of the “3 second rule”, we have the “3 day rule”. If you find food on the floor, it’s yours for the taking! As I look around my house every night when I get home from work, I wonder, what happened to all of my grandiose ideas of getting my house clean and organized….oh yeah, they’re probably lost under the mounds of dirty laundry. I do have good intentions though…I love to buy supplies that promise to give me a clean and organized home. I have beautifully scented dish soap, counter top spray, linen spray, laundry wash, etc…all sitting helplessly under my laundry room sink waiting for the day that they can finally be put to work. My favorite is the Mandarin Vetiver countertop cleanser by Caldrea, it smells so fresh and citrusy that you’ll think you’ve got an orange grove right in your kitchen.

Maybe this weekend I’ll start my spring cleaning………or not!