Shop for Your Grandparents at The Crown Shop

Let’s face it. Grandparents are good at giving. There’s that whole unconditional love thing, as good a gift as there is.

It comes in various forms. When Dad flips out over our Junior’s “borrowing” of the car and subsequent “fender bender,” grandparents are there to soften the blow. When all that’s needed is a hug, grandparents are there to squeeze. From birthday cards housing checks to potato salad that warms the soul (hey — one man’s chicken soup is another man’s potato salad), grandparents are givers.

At Christmas time, grandparents give more than ever, and The Crown Shop can help you give back!

We’re the area’s exclusive carrier of Art by Susan, Frame of Mind and other Southern Made gifts that can be custom ordered and made uniquely personal. A custom made Christmas frame with a picture of the grandkids and a personalized message….what grandmother wouldn’t beam with joy?

Select a frame and message plate with a predetermined message, such as “Merry y’all,” and walk out in five minutes, or special order a plate with your own special message and get it within a week.

How about a bird seed bell or handcrafted birdhouse for your granddad? The Crown Shop carriers a wide array of gifts for nature and gardening enthusiasts- and everything in between!

And don’t forget to impress your loved one with our free gift wrapping. Men, you can’t beat that….

Grandparents don’t expect anything in return for their unconditional love, but this Christmas time, wouldn’t it be nice to see their faces beam as brightly as their grandkids’?

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