Going Green-er

I love to recycle…I’m one of those people who goes behind the not-so-green members of my family and digs their recycleables (is that a word?) out of the trash! Our city just recently adopted single-stream curb-side recycling…so before that, I would collect all the materials that could be recycled and take them to a recycling center on Saturdays.  Needless to say, I was excited when I found a wonderful company called Core Bamboo. Core Bamboo is the manufacturer of the world’s finest Bamboo products. All of the bamboo used to make their products are 100% organically grown. Using a food safe water base adhesive and finished with top grade natural oils, Core Bamboo adheres to the FDA and European equivalent standards. It is so nice to know their are companies out their who truly live organic, for safe and healthy lives! Core Bamboo has lots of cool products, but my favorite is LUXEWARE, an eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic serveware. Clean up is a snap and won’t harm the environment. Use LUXEWARE at your next party or picnic and help save the planet one paper plate at a time!


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