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Holiday Gift Guide

Have you made your list and checked it twice?…The Crown Shop gifts are ALWAYS nice! We have put together a Holiday Gift Guide to help make your gift giving easier. We like to think that we have some of the most unique and personal gifts around and our gift guide is no exception! From candles […]

Shop for Mom at The Crown Shop

That heart tattoo with Mother ink’ed across the front? Why we’re sure Mom would appreciate the sentiment, we’re guessing The Crown Shop offers more practical, and well, capable-of-unwrapping, symbols of your affection and love this Christmas. The Crown Shop is the exclusive area provider of Southern Made gifts. Southern Made is a cooperative that supports […]

Shop for Your Grandparents at The Crown Shop

Let’s face it. Grandparents are good at giving. There’s that whole unconditional love thing, as good a gift as there is. It comes in various forms. When Dad flips out over our Junior’s “borrowing” of the car and subsequent “fender bender,” grandparents are there to soften the blow. When all that’s needed is a hug, […]

Rednecks are people too…

I’m not sure when it happened, but it seems the term “redneck” is now more a term of endearment rather than a put-down. Everyone from the high school cheerleader to the lawyer next door wants to be one. When I was a little girl, we were taught to be afraid of these people and now […]

Southern Made…and not Southern China!

Look around your house at all of your “stuff”…how much of it is “Made in China”? I’ve become accutely aware of how much our country depends on China the past few months and it is disturbing! How would you like to buy everyone on your Christmas list something that was made right here in the […]